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AI Powered Cloud DLP for Slack

Proactively prevent employees against malicious, insider or negligent threats on Slack

Why Secure Slack?

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Sharing credentials on Slack is as convenient as an attacker being able to harvest all of them in one go.

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Your business runs on Slack. Thus there lives most of your company's secret data.

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Anyone can easily install bots on channels. And any bot can harvest all the data inside that channel.

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Every application including Github, Dropbox, Box easily allow sharing code or data on Slack. No security checks or measures in place.

How Gamma Helps!

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Gamma uses AI & ML to identify credentials, sensitive data and sensitive files in Slack public channels.

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Gamma helps you put automated technology controls to ensure continuous compliance with Slack.

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Train or coach employees when they make a mistake. Build a culture of security.

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Proactively enforce organization's security policies on Slack.