Security is our top concern
Gamma's Enterprise-Grade Platform Infrastructure ensures your data stays safe and protected
All data entering or leaving Gamma infrastructure is encrypted with TLS 1.2 or higher. Data at rest is encrypted by default using AES-256 with scheduled key rotation to keep your data safe.
Relax, your data is safe
Gamma does not store any contents (e.g. email body) from the monitored cloud applications. All data is accessed read-only, analyzed for violations and discarded immediately.
Zero Trust
Trust no one! Zero Trust access is enabled across Gamma infrastructure where access is granted based on a user’s identity & context, aka what we know about you and your device.
Watch everything
All assets, environments, events and alerts are monitored along with comprehensive and auditable logs of key activities to help answer the questions, "Who did what, where, and when?"
No Credentials
Instead of asking for and storing your corporate account credentials, Gamma uses revocable OAuth 2.0 tokens to access your data via secure APIs.
Google-grade security 24/7
Gamma is built and hosted on Google Cloud Platform, a secure-by-design data center and network infrastructure built to meet the requirements of most security-sensitive organizations.
Compliance & Certifications
Gamma is built for compliance with major industry standards. We are actively engaging in a SOC 2 attestation, and we are already prepared to pass with flying colors.