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AI Powered Cloud DLP for Github

Proactively prevent employees against malicious, insider or negligent threats on Github

Why Secure Github?

Image for Login Credentials and Tokens

Files checked into Github can contain login credentials and tokens that an attacker can easily harvest.

Image for Github Source Code = Intellectual Property

Source code is the most valuable IP. Thus there lives most of your company's most important assets.

Image for Sensitive Information

Files checked into Github can contain sensitive data like SSN, credit cards and customer information. An attacker can harvest the sensitive data.

Image for Unauthorized Access

Developers using personal email to access Github leaves them vulnerable with wide open attack surface.

How Gamma Helps!

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Gamma uses AI & ML to identify credentials, sensitive data and sensitive files in Github repositories.

Image for Compliance with regulations

Gamma helps you put automated technology controls to ensure continuous compliance with Github.

Image for Continuous Training

Train or coach employees when they make a mistake. Build a culture of security.

Image for Proactive Policy Enforcement

Proactively enforce organization's security policies on Github.