What is Gamma and its benefits ?
Gamma provides a disruptive data loss prevention solution that significantly increases prevention and reduces business risk (2x to 4x). Gamma's off-path DLP solution protects sensitive data in Cloud Enterprise Apps (Gsuite/O365, Slack, Box, Salesforce, Github, Jira etc) and can also be integrated with on-prem apps. Gamma aims to solve crucial problems around usability, accuracy and cost that exist in current DLP solutions.
What is Gamma's differentiator ?
Gamma does not require complex rules or complex network/endpoint integration. Solution can be deployed within 5 minutes and is complementary to existing network/cloud DLP. Gamma offers an industry leading 99.5% accuracy on alerts. Gamma's AI based detectors greatly enhance PII / PHI / PCI / IP / Secrets loss prevention beyond the limited capabilities of legacy RegEx based solutions. Gamma's AI/NLP increases classification using the following capabilities:
What companies will benefit from Gamma ?
Gamma is a great fit for
How do I get started with Gamma ?
Gamma offers PoC Assessment for a subset of your data to show proof of value and also offers a 30 day trial license for full evaluation. Please contact sales@gammanet.com or click "Request a Demo" on Gamma Website (https://gamma.ai/) for an initial introductory call.