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AI Powered Cloud DLP for Confluence

Proactively prevent employees against malicious, insider or negligent threats on Confluence

Why Secure Confluence?

Image for Confluence = Enterprise data

Your business runs on Confluence hosting company's intellectual property and sensitive assets.

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Native Confluence security controls are inadequate for enterprises in regulated industries or those with valuable intellectual property.

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Hackers can easily install malware to infect files/blogs in Confluence. And this malware can be used to extort company assets.

Image for Share on Confluence Integrations

Every application including Confluence easily allows sharing code or data on Confluence. No security checks or measures in place.

How Gamma Helps!

Image for Continuous monitoring

Runs AI & ML algorithms to automatically discover and tag sensitive data, like PII & credentials.

Image for Security enforcement

Proactively enforces organization’s security policies and trains employees

Image for Automated compliance

Seamlessly automates compliance with privacy regulations, like PCI, HIPAA & GDPR.

Image for Enhanced visibility

Gamma dashboard presents real-time insights about security violations.